Bruno Genèro

Bruno Genèro

Surrender to the sound of Bruno Genèro’s drums and immerse yourself in his World. Starting from the heart of the ancient African oral tradition, he will take you on an electrifying journey through various musical languages until he arrives at the personal synthesis that is admirably expressed in his creations, where he has been able to enrich technical virtuosity and artistic expression with the sacred dimension.

Bruno is a percussionist capable of seducing you with his music. An exceptional musician, master of a legendary instrument, the djembe, the Malinke drum, which has survived centuries of history to triumph on the threshold of the new millennium as part of the international music scene.

In May 1999, he was celebrated as the best non-African djembefolà at the Grand Masters evening of the First International Percussion Biennial, sponsored by the EU in Conakry, Guinea. Bruno’s musical and artistic journey is unique and pioneering,
with a personal, almost psychic approach to sound, instrument, and atmosphere, so much so that people say of his music, “… it is the sound that dances …“.



While studying jazz and the classical drums (Maestro Giorgio Gandino), he met African percussion at the age of 17 in Paris, where his passion for djembe began, bringing him to Africa for the first time in 1980. The journey of learning and exploration in Africa continued until 2005, primarily encompassing visits to Senegal, Guinea, Mali, Burkina Faso and Ivory Coast.

He has fully immersed himself in the art of dance, as dictated by the traditions of his instrument. This devotion has led to collaborations with prominent dancers and choreographers such as Elsa Wolliaston, Germaine Acogny, Irene Tassembedo, and Larrio Ekson for contemporary dance.
In 1984, he founded the Kaidara Dance Company with his sister, dance-choreographer Katina Genèro.

During the 1990s he expanded his musical and cultural experience in Cuba, where he deepened the spiritual concept and philosophical thinking ofIFA Divination, which since 2008 has been included in the Intangible Heritage of Humanity, protected and safeguarded by UNESCO.

L'italiano Bruno Genèro, venuto a dimostrare che gli africani non sono i soli ad avere il ritmo nel sangue

Hélène Lee

In May 1999, he was celebrated as the best non-African djembefolà at the Grand Masters evening of the First International Percussion Biennial, sponsored by the EU in Conakry, Guinea.
In 2000 he received the “Plaque of Honor to Merit” from Piedmont Region for his artistic work.

The company’s productions have graced the stages of prominent festivals across Europe, as well as in Ivory Coast, Niger, Burkina Faso and Canada, as well as Italy.

In 1990, he formed the Bruno Genèro Ensemble, a musical group that has performed in Italy, across Europe, Africa, North America and the Caribbean Islands

In 2020/21 he founded, together with Katina Genero, the National DAAD Department for African, Afro and Diaspora Dances, under the auspices of the DOE/ASI Sector, becoming National Referent for the Music Area.
In the training field, he creates the IFA ONO formula for the transmission of cultural values linked to the IFA Divination.


Learn more about Bruno Genèro’s recording history
and listen to Ekùn, his latest project.

DABY-BÀ (1996)

Produced in collaboration
with Poney Gross (Belgium) and
arranged by composer
Marc Herouet (Belgium), it is
an expression of
the musical influences discovered during
his travels.

YIRI KAN (2006)

Produced in collaboration with
Andrea Pozzoli.
It was presented at the Teatro Regio in Turin in
a show that bore the same name.
The album is an artistic expression
of his work
as a dance musician.

EKÙN (2023)

Composed together with
DJ-producer Alain Diamond,
it is the perfect fusion of
Bruno’s drumming
and the rhythm of TECHNO-HOUSE music. he concert event,
which shares the same name,
will take place at the
Piccolo Regio Puccini Theater in Turin, Italy.

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TAM – TAM (2000) on the occasion of the celebrations for his 20-year career

AFROSAN (2002) Voices from Africa

SAFARA’ (2004) The drum’s fire

YIRI KAN (2006) The sound of wood

HOMMAGE (2009) The sound that dances

ANCESTROS (2014) rithms-dances-armonies-omens (dedicated to IFA’s omens)

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Bruno has collaborated with artists from all over the world. These artists include: Mamady Keita, Doudou N’Diaye Rose, Sekouba Bambino Diabaté, Alfredo De La Fé, Zap Mama, Zucchero, Teresa De Sio, Balé De Rua.

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FANTASTICO 7 – Rai1 (1986/87) with Pippo Baudo

TELETHON – Rai2 (1991) with Teresa De Sio


ROXY BAR – TMC (1998)

SETTE PER UNO – Rai2 (1999) with Gigi Sabani

MISS ITALIA NEL MONDO – Rai1 (2000) with Carlo Conti

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Bruno’s music is universal. It is able to speak to and about everyone.
For more than 20 years he has been giving percussion workshops, master classes and internships at the most prestigious high schools, universities, and music conservatories around the world. The countries he has worked with include Italy, Belgium, France, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, and West Africa.